Friday, October 30, 2009

Whipped like a potato....

Sometimes you just have a stinkin' rotten day.  Today was that day.

Even though you try to veer away from it, sadness rules the day.  One by one, co-workers were called in to hear the fateful news -- 'you've been excessed'.  While I don't claim to know the actual words that were spoken, the basis of the conversation was the same.  To say that I am shocked by the choices that were made is an understatement.  Although I am relieved I was not chosen, it merely means this is a stay of execution.   I am so sorry for those who have been advised their services are no longer needed.  Crushed.  Families that were counting on income, benefits, security.

All day long the floor was somber.  This is just too dreadful for words.  One poor co-worker has two young children, one with Autism, and a wife who is an interpreter for the deaf.  Another recently lost her father and is in the middle of a divorce.  Can I paint a worse picture?

Monday ----- what will happen on Monday?  Those who were excessed were allowed to go home early Friday.  One person was very angry.  How angry?  I guess we'll find out Monday.  One person was so graceful about the situation -- I pray that all will be filled with her peace.  She is an example to all.

You can't see them, but tears are streaming down my cheeks.  This is just such a sad time.  One door closes and another opens, right?

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