Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's always nice to get away for a few days but equally nice to be home.  That is, better tonight now that my furnace has been repaired.  The last time I had work done I was certain I was ripped off so I put out a request to my friends on Ravelry for a suggestion for a furnace repairman.  Two people recommended Rich Hanson here in Royal Oak and I went with him.  I called him yesterday morning and he came by the house in the afternoon, after Kevin got home from work.  He didn't have the needed part so he came back today.  I needed a new gas valve dohicky, to the tune of $380 and now the house is toasty warm.  Beats the heck out of 63º in the house this morning.

I have so much cleaning and organizing to do in the house.  On Monday my 25 year anniversary gift from Met Life arrived -- I chose a Cuisinart 14 piece set of cookware.  Joy - o - joy!  I can hand down my Revere cookware that I got from my Mom and have been using for decades to Kevin, for his 'hope' chest.  Now I just have to figure out how to fit it all into my measly cabinets. Hmmmm.

The Charlevoix show was a resounding success.  I sold 36 hats, 10 felted bags, and 5 pair of fingerless mittens.  Now I need to knit up a bunch of hats for a home show in December that I'm doing with friends Tanya and Linda.  The weather in Charlevoix was so typical for this time of year.  The highs were in the mid to upper 40s, we had winds gusting to 45 mph, rain, sleet, and snow.  And that was all in about a 3 hour period on Saturday.  The winds were so strong they snapped the extension poles for my tent awning right off.  Now I need to contact Light Dome in FL to order replacements.  Many vendors around me were not selling well at all and I felt badly that I was.  Not bad enough to change things, mind you, but sorry for them nonetheless. 

Well, that will have to do for now.  I had one crown prepped today so I'm in need of a couple of Motrins and a good night's sleep.

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