Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Off to Charlevoix Tomorrow

With too much yet to do I decided to head for Charlevoix tomorrow morning.  I was able to knit one more hat, sew buttons on 4 hats, and sew the pocket, closure and button on a purse.  This late in the day my eyes really give out on me and it gets tough to focus.  I need some new contact lenses and hopefully I'll have a good enough show that I can schedule an appointment with my ophthalmologist soon.  Right after I finish getting two new crowns on my teeth.  Ugh.

The shopping bag saga continues.  I spoke again to Fed Ex and they told me to file a claim with the shipper.  I called Nashville Wraps who had to confirm my story with Fed Ex and then they sent out another shipment to me, one that requires a signature.  I asked to have the package delivered to Charlevoix so I can actually USE the bags this year and it will cost me an extra $5 since they had to change the destination with Fed Ex.  Is it me or do you think that charge should be waived since it wasn't my fault the shipment was processed without my knowledge and the original order was dropped at the wrong location????

I won't be posting again until Monday at the earliest so I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I'm off to find my woolies to wear at the show and get some much needed shut eye.

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