Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It seems like I can't catch a break lately.  Last night my washing machine decided to take a dump on me.  The drum, after making quite a noise, is now listing like the Titanic.  Egad.  The repairman was here earlier today and I can honestly say I have NO idea how much it will cost me.  Kevin said Maggie was barking so much that he doesn't know how much the bill will be.

In any event, I went to Macy's tonight to find some new blue jeans.   I think I've finally figured out that it's my seat belt in my car that's always wearing a hole in my jeans.  After trying on 12 pair of jeans (yes, I really DID try on a dozen pair) I finally settled on one pair and bought two of them.  I had the clerk remove the labels so I could taken them to the laundry mat to be washed.

Right now I'm ready for bed.  I had a challenging day at work (due primarily to a co-worker who only thinks she knows what's going on) and a lot of work getting my export file ready to go for tomorrow. 

I'm nodding off at the keyboard so I guess that's a sign.................

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