Monday, June 1, 2009

2 Down.....

...70 to go. I finished 2 of my sister's napkin rings tonight. My original plan was to take fusible interfacing and apply it to one fabric, stitch it to a second fabric, and then turn it inside out. One slight problem. The sticky side of the interfacing made it virtually impossible to turn the piece inside out -- a lot like working with that stupid shelf liner that sticks to itself better than it sticks to the shelf.

So, on to plan B. I stitched two 2 1/2" strips together and then turned them inside out after cutting the long strips into 5 1/2" pieces. Then I overcast the edges together and voila ~~

Now I know what you're thinking -- that looks like a skirt with two legs sticking out -- but I assure you -- it's simply a napkin ring with two fingers sticking out.

I often get quite frustrated when I sew. Sometimes it's because the sewing machine acts up (ok, so it is time to go in for a tune up) but mostly it's the workspace issue.

I'm sewing on my kitchen table, competing for space. My hero is Paula Nadelstern -- she uses a Featherweight on her kitchen table. I only wish I could crank out the wonderful quilts that she does.

The Scottish tartan used for the napkin rings is the Farquharson clan tartan. Not sure why the country club chose this particular tartan but I'm putting the last piece of it to good use.

I should be able to finish the napkin rings tomorrow, unless I have too much fun at knit group.

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