Saturday, June 20, 2009

More wedding preparations.....

Well, I was all set to blog last night when the most wicked thunderstorm struck. Since I don't like to be on my computer when there's lightening cracking all around, I decided to forgo the post. I would have told you that I picked up the Spanx I had ordered and stopped at Eddie's Alterations to pick up my dress and newly-made wrap. I'm hoping the wrap doesn't turn out be a bother, fussing with it as I walk, etc. I guess I can always ditch it. It's looking like it will be quite warm next Saturday, 87ยบ and sunny.

Today I was busy with more wedding prep. I got my pedicure (first one in about 8 years!) from Q Nails in Warren, who had been recommended to me by friends at work. I can't begin to tell you how much it was needed. I was expecting pain but was instead pleasantly surprised with the great calf massage and foot buffing and polish. I don't know why I don't treat myself to this more often -- they only charge $20. I think I'm worth that, occasionally, right?

Next I picked up the toasting wine for the wedding party to imbibe at the reception. Dave at Champane's recommended a California sparkling wine that was on sale, even better. I also picked up several bottles of red wine, which I thought I could take to the reception but apparently they'll only serve 'me' if I bring in wine. I can get that, since the country club only makes money on their wine.

I zoomed from there to the Berkley Chop Shop for my cut and color, where I nodded off in the chair while Kyle was cutting and then drying my hair. Guess I was running out of steam, or maybe it was just very relaxing.

Next I spent an hour knitting with friends at Right off the Sheep, bringing everyone up to speed with my wedding prep stories. The brown wool I had ordered for making fall bags came in finally so I can get going on my brown & pink and brown & light blue combination handbags. After the wedding, when things settle down.

I picked up a few things at Trader Joe's and then stopped at the Dale and Thomas popcorn store to pick up Dad's gift for tomorrow.

Things were going all too well when the phone rang and it was my Mom. She was exhibiting flu-like symptoms and thought maybe I needed to come and take her to the hospital. After a few minutes it was decided she would up her fluid intake, follow the BRAT diet and I would call her tomorrow.

My mind was racing -- how would I take both her and my Dad to the hospital? Dad cannot stay home by himself and Kevin was at work. And what if they decided to admit Mom -- then I would have to take Dad back to the apartment and stay the night. Sorry to say, I don't really know how to care for him. I don't what meds he takes when. He has a boatload of prescriptions. He kept saying 'I want to go home', while I was talking to Mom. She repeatedly said 'you are home' and he said 'that's a load of shit' and she told me 'see what it's like?' We're going to have to really think about a different living arrangement. He's deteriorating rapidly.

Tomorrow is going to be a challenging to bed I go.

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