Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, Monday

Sometimes the news is just more important than the mundane tasks of the day. Today there was more coverage of the protests in Iran, a terrible commuter train wreck in Washington, DC, and a crazy earthquake in Alaska, right where my daughter will be next week!

I know Holly will be packing all sorts of useful things for a honeymoon in Alaska (yes, some of those things too!) but I can bet she isn't counting on earthquake protection. I asked her today if she had the sights all picked out that they want to see and she reiterated that Mike doesn't want anything scheduled. Hope that works for them.

When I travel I like to wing it too, to a certain degree, but I always have a game plan to account for changes in the weather, etc. I'm not as regimented as my Mom & Dad about that. I remember once on a trip to Chicago, my parents and I were in the Chicago Art Institute and I had to cut short my visit because Dad deemed it time to eat. Their big concern is always where are we going to eat next. As if the potential existed for a skipped meal. When I have more time I'll write about my solo trip to Britain that I took 10 years ago next month. Time certainly does fly by.

I noticed today that I now have visitors from 20 different countries -- the newest being Pakistan. It's so amazing to think that people from such diverse cultures can be stopping by for a visit.

Peace to everyone who stops by and I hope that all is well with you and those you love.

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