Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sometimes humans are not so bad

Tonight on the way home from knitting group at Panera the traffic came to an unexplained halt. Since I was first in line it soon became abundantly clear why the vehicles were not moving. A family of Canada geese was making its way across the road, undoubtedly on their way to meet up with their friends in the median. Never mind that they did not use the crosswalk. However, not all of the geese in the median approved as one was squawking quite raucously and did not appear to appreciate the arrival of the newcomers. Another missed photo opportunity.

Tonight I finished cutting the napkin rings for my sister while watching the Red Wings game. Let's just say the cutting and turning went much better than the game. That's ok. Thursday we'll kick some butt.

I was going to add a new survey to my blog tonight but I'm too tired and it's really past my bedtime. Guess you have a reason to check back tomorrow!

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