Monday, June 8, 2009

I didn't get much knitting done at all today. Darn work gets in the way of any fun! So much speculation about Delphi and its future existence. I think just about everyone is wondering how long they'll be able to hold on their current jobs. I'm nearing my 25th anniversary at MetLife but not sure what's in the cards for me. I'm not one for change but I guess sometimes you just don't have a say in things.

Uh-oh -- I hear thunder so I'm guessing the wicked storms they were predicting may be on their way. Making this quick so I can shut down my computer.

That dog of mine is such a sneaky snake. I caught her again making her way outside with a tissue in her mouth. I don't know where she finds them but she does.

While outside I snapped some more pictures of the peonies.

I turned upside down to take this shot with the ants:

Gotta go, it's really storming.

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