Friday, June 26, 2009

Nearly Time

The big day is tomorrow. My Holly Dolly is getting married. So many different emotions ranging from sadness and melancholy to joy and pride. I believe she has found her soul mate. She has the best temperament and it will serve her well in her marriage.

Here are some shots from yesterday's wedding rehearsal.

Groom to be ~~

~~ looking pensively over at his parents.

The chapel altar ~~

Ok, so I was standing a bit crooked (no alcohol was consumed prior to the rehearsal!)

Holly and the ex ~~

(I think I'm aging a bit better, but maybe that's just me)

Holly looked beautiful, even with 'devil' eyes.

Practicing the ceremony ~~

Mike had a hard time remembering that when he repeats the vows he needs to be looking at Holly, not the minister.

And finally, preparing to leave the chapel ~~

Oh, and here was my dress for last night ~~

or at least the fabric. It was another sleeveless sheath that I thought looked quite nice but no one took a picture of me :(

Today was a busy one for me. Kevin was trying to hook up with a car from Craig's List but they never called so I went ahead with my plans for the day. Tidied up the house, got a manicure, got my eyebrows waxed for the first time in years (I know!), and a 15 minute massage -- ahhhhhh!

My friend Mary, with the torn up knee, came over to re-introduce herself to Maggie. She and her son will help look after Maggie while Kevin and I are in Davison. Thank goodness for her!

I headed off to the gym for one last workout. I can only imagine how dreadful I'd look and feel about myself if I hadn't lost the 25 lbs and 30+ inches. I still need/want to lose another 30 lbs but that will take more tweaking of my diet and exercise regime.

I filled up the gas tank and got the T&C washed so it would be ready for tomorrow. Since we're driving to Davison on Saturday, then down to Metro Airport on Sunday before coming home I knew the tank needed to be topped up. It's supposed to rain Sunday so I don't want to have to stop for gas.

I still need to get my things in order to take with me tomorrow. I'm putting that last stitches on the quilt label for Carla's quilt. Giving it to her tomorrow will be a welcome distraction. My stomach was awfully queasy earlier tonight -- I hope it settles down. Can't you just picture me tossing my cookies in the middle of the chapel -- or worse yet -- fainting??? Everyone keeps asking me if I'm nervous so I guess it's ok that I am.

I'll be so glad when the day is over and the kids are on their way to Alaska.

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