Sunday, June 7, 2009

Too much fun!

Yesterday was one of those days when, at the end of the day, you can't believe you got so much done. I did get to the gym and then showered and headed over to Bra-vo for my wedding undergarments. Let me just say that is THE store to go to for the perfect 'item'. They actually measure you and then pick out the best possible article. I had to order my Spanx hose but they should be in before the wedding. I was able to find a bachelorette gift for Holly, too, so it was a great shopping experience.

Next I was off to Holly's party. We started with a Designed by You jewelry making party. There were about 15 ladies there and the concept was well received. My niece Erica was sharp enough to let the consultant, Diana, know the colors of the bridesmaids' dresses so she tailored the bead selection for the best possible match.

Here are the various bead trays from which we made our selections:

Holly created necklaces and matching earrings for each of her attendants as her gift to them for standing up in her wedding. Holly's friend Daminica designed a pearl and Swarovski crystal bracelet for her to wear on her special day. Diana measured Holly's wrist for the proper size and declared she had never had anyone with such a small wrist.

While Holly opened up her gifts Diana continued to finish off as many pieces as she could. Here's Holly with a classy wedding day thong from her future mother-in-law. Notice the 'I DO'???

This lighting in the room was terrible so this is the only shot I kept. :(

Later, the girls piled into a limo bus and rode down to Ferndale's Boogie Fever club where I met up with them for some dancing and drinks. It was a surreal experience. I haven't been there in ages but I swear the same trolling men are still there. And the same over-exposed women are prowling. The girls headed over to some cowboy bar where Holly rode the mechanical bull (I'd like to see the photos of that!) and I just went home.

Today I got knitting on the blanket and now have 10" done, leaving 20" to go.

I spent the day out in the sun trying to get rid of my farmer's tan while I knit:

Obviously, it's going to take several more days in the sun. I did get a little pink today, even though much of the afternoon was overcast.

And finally, here are a couple of shots of my backyard flowers. I should have shot the peony in the morning because by the afternoon it was fully opened and not quite so pretty.

If you know the name of this last flower please let me know. I planted it a couple of years ago and cannot remember what it is so save my soul.

P.S. The Red Wings kicked the Penguins butts last night -- the game was actually showing on the jumbo TVs at the dance club -- so that puts us up 3-2 and they headed back to Pittsburgh for Tuesday night's game 6. GO WINGS!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a hardy geranium to me.

Harriet said...

Yes, I agree, a hardy geranium. I have a lot of it in my garden.

Suzanne said...

Fabulous -- that's it!