Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Click, click, click

Isn't is amazing how the Internet has made our lives easier? Today I only had to click a couple of times and the 3 month supply of my prescription was refilled. Just now I had to click a couple of times and ordered an Amazon gift certificate for my niece, who has a birthday tomorrow.

Earlier tonight I was checking some of my favorite blogs and finding all sorts of great things for sale, again, at the click of my mouse. You sure can get into trouble on the web!

Running out of steam tonight. The past two days I've awakened at 4:30 AM and not been able to get back to sleep. Have you ever noticed how noisy the birds can be at that time of the day?

I've had too many little thoughts about Holly's wedding pop into my head to allow me to sleep soundly. Tonight I chatted with her, though, so now the thoughts are in her head, not mine. I relinquished them!

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