Monday, June 29, 2009

Win some, lose some

Today Holly called me at work from Alaska. Their flight was a bit rough and they had ear issues but landed early and wandered around Anchorage for a bit before having a delicious dinner. They drove up to Wasilla to the Agate Inn arriving at 10:30 PM -- Mike said it was the nicest place he's stayed in. Phew! I didn't realize it was more of a B&B than motel -- he had said he didn't want to stay at a B&B, yikes. It was light out until well past midnight.

Because they arrived so late last night they missed out on walking the resident reindeer but were getting ready to feed them after we talked. Later they planned to pick up some fishing gear and licenses. I look forward to hearing from Holly about their adventures. They were heading up to Denali National Park where they are staying at the McKinley Princess Lodge. There are a lot of activities available for them (think Love Boat meets the Woods) but I bet they go out on their own.

On the losing end, Kevin and I headed over to look at a used car for sale by someone on Craig's List. Thank goodness we took the vehicle over to Belle Tire for an inspection. Let's just say, there was more than $2000 worth of work needed plus tires on a car selling for $3200. We passed. We'll need to start all over again tomorrow.

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