Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby blanket update (don't peek Joyce)

As promised, here is an update of the baby blanket (don't pay any attention Joyce). I only have one more section to go, then 8 rows of garter stitch and it will be finished. Sink the ends, block the blanket and it's good to go. It's the the first baby blanket I've knitted. I know, shocking! I'm sure it won't be the last.

And in medical news..........

In the strange but true category -- I went to my dentist last week for a massive filling. I asked him if he knew what this strange white tissue was that I was pulling from the inside of my mouth. It was stringy and sticky and very odd.

He asked me what toothpaste I was using, to which I of course said 'why do you ask???'
He guessed it was Crest Pro Health and declared that several of his patients had the same problem. Apparently there is an ingredient in the toothpaste that causes your mouth to exfoliate or slough off tissue. He suggested that I stop using it. Since I always do what he says (he was the doctor who diagnosed my GERD) I immediately switched and have had no issues since. Of course, now I have leftover Pro Health because I naturally bought the multi-pack from Costco!

Consider yourself warned!

Tomorrow my next door neighbor is going in for a double mastectomy. Makes my sunburned chest seem pretty silly. I'll just apply the Solarcaine and go to bed.

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