Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I absolutely love it when my roses begin to bloom. They smell as delicious as they look. One by one, they emerge and fill the air with a scent like no other. I often cut them and put them in a glass on my nightstand so I can smell them all night. I hope this will be a good season for them. I still need to get the soapy water and spray them profusely. I HATE aphids. There are always certain creatures for which you find no discernible purpose.

Kevin, who I assure you does have a purpose, went to his doctor and was fitted for a heart monitor. He's trying to determine where his dizziness and frequent incoherence are coming from. Now I would tell the doctor, that Kevin is, afterall, a male of the species and as such, is often reluctant to pay total attention to anything that does not involve sports. But seriously, his red blood cell count is high and his vitamin D is low. This is completely peculiar since Kevin has been known to devour about 2 pounds of cheddar cheese each week, not to mention the cold cereal that he also eats with fat free milk. Hopefully they will come to some logical conclusion. He has health insurance that he pays for directly. Nothing fancy, bare bones minimum. Good if he falls off a cliff but not much else is covered.

Here my 29 year old son with all his monitoring 'stuff' -- he wanted you to see all the wire stuff ~~

I finished sewing the 72 napkin rings for my sister. Now I just need to trim the loose threads and finger press them so the seam is smooth.

This Saturday is Holly's bachelorette party and we will be starting the day off by making jewelry. This is a home party business named Designed by You. I saw the ad in the newspaper several months ago and thought it would be a fun activity for the party participants. I'll let you know!

I'll leave you with a couple more pictures of my roses. Yummy!

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