Sunday, June 5, 2011


Today was one of those days where I started early and got so much done.  Many Sundays are spent dinking around and not being particularly productive.

Here's what I did today:
  1. Sprayed the wasps in the sheds
  2. Sprayed the roses for aphids (forgot the Rose of Sharon - darn!)
  3. Washed the windows on the outside 
  4. Sprayed the weed killer on the driveway/sidewalk cracks
  5. Returned the new mailbox I bought yesterday and bought some spray paint
  6. Watered the lawn to help the new seeds that were tossed on the front lawn on Friday
  7. Transplanted the Cilantro that Holly & Mike gave me for Mother's Day
  8. Spray painted the old mailbox (saved $12)
  9. Finished the woven scarf from H&LL
  10. Finished my first knitted gift for my upcoming grandchild
  11. Grocery shopped
  12. Made pork stir fry
  13. Blocked newly finished baby gift (see #10)
  14. Blogged!
I've got a busy week at work coming up, including a 1 on 1 with my boss's new boss tomorrow.  Hmmmm.  Thursday is our last quilt guild meeting for the year, until we meet again in September.  It will be a great week!

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