Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Door to Door Organics

Yesterday I got a larger than usual box from Door to Door Organics because I added a few items.  This time I ordered some organic pork liver (everyone groan at once now!), extra Vidalia onions, some dog treats for Mags, and some organic crunchy peanut butter.  Here's what came yesterday:

I'm looking forward to cooking up that liver.  I've never had pork liver before and while it is loaded with cholesterol it is also full of great things - like 85% of your daily iron, something I know I can use more of.  

Another thing I'm looking forward to trying is the Green Garlic -- never had that before either.

See why I really like the variety and freshness you get from Door to Door Organics.  If you live in Michigan and haven't given them a try yet, let me know and I'll hook you up for a half off coupon on your first box!

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