Saturday, June 4, 2011


Courtney asked to see pictures of my loom and here they are:

I've since realized that putting on that extra long warp has been my downfall.  I ran out of the brown paper that I used to separate the layers on both the front and back beams and unfortunately, used any material I could put my hands on.  There's a good reason why they tell you to use the brown paper -- it keeps the layers separated AND keeps the tension in place.  I had to finish the first scarf sooner than I wanted to when the tension went kerplooey.  I've learned my lesson but it's too late tonight to re-warp the loom so I'm leaving that task for tomorrow.

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Courtney said...

It's really cool. Smaller than I envisioned, but looks like you can do quite a bit with it! I have tension issues when I'm spinning too. It can drive you crazy! Love the color of the current scarf. Thanks for showing me the pictures!