Friday, June 24, 2011

Day Off

On my day off from work today what could I have possibly have done??

Chores for one:  cleaned the bathroom, washed some towels, did the dishes left in the sink from my roommate (arghhh).

I gathered up my load of pennies I'd been collecting in an old carafe and went to the grocer who had a Coin-Star machine.  First time experience for me with that.  I chose the e-coupon option for Lowes (considering my upcoming bathroom makeover project) and started loading my pennies in.  A bit of a learning curve here -- DO NOT PLACE ALL OF YOUR PENNIES IN THE TRAY AT ONCE.  At least not if you expect them to travel through the verrrrry narrow slot.  Re-tried after putting the coins back into the bag I carried them in with. Believe it or not, I had $15.95 in pennies -- woohoo!  Should be good for some grout!

Next I headed to Home Depot to nail down some materials for my bathroom makeover.  Amazingly I was there for over 3 hours.  My feet were aching, my head was spinning, and my stomach was growling.  In the end, Kory helped load the new vanity and top, medicine cabinet, faucet, and bathtub faucet into my minivan.

Then I headed to the yarn shop to get some advice on color selections for the tile and walls.  Everyone agreed that my tile selection was spot on but there was some back and forth on the paint choice.  In the end, Betsy helped me choose by virtue of the yarn she was knitting with -- the perfect shade for my walls.  Scientific, right?

After a delicious dinner of mixed greens with cucumbers and chicken, I moved on to my gift wrapping project.  I got everything wrapped except for one basket -- I still need one little thing for it.

Now, I'm whipped.  Maybe I should have been at work today -- I was missing a meeting and the gal running it said she'd miss my input - yeah!  Score one for me.  It's always nice to make a good impression with people who can put in a good word for you, right?

I'll be turning in before too long.  I've got 5 dozen cupcakes to make and decorate tomorrow.  It would also be good to tackle some weeding in my front flower beds after the rain we've had this week.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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