Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Early Bird....

......buys a bathtub.  I was out the door right after Kevin left for work today.  8 AM I headed over to the plumbing supply store to look for a bathtub.  I love that store - it has so many beautiful things there - stuff I could never afford but it's fun to look at.  I ordered a bathtub and it should come in next week.  I'm hoping to have the work on the bathroom demolition begin on July 3rd.  I'll be off work on July 4th and can 'supervise' the construction guys.

I picked up some paint today at Home Depot along with the towel bar, toilet paper holder and towel ring.  Jeez, this stuff gets pricey.  I used some gift cards from my birthday earlier this year.  Now the only big item I still have to purchase is the tile.  I think I know what I want but they didn't have it at the store I visited today so it will be back to the other location, probably on Tuesday.

Once I was done at Home Depot I got my car washed, so it will look a little nicer for tomorrow's baby shower.

The cupcake factory (ME!) started at 11:30 and didn't finish until 4 PM.  I baked, frosted, and decorated 7 dozen cupcakes, with 5 of those dozen readied for the shower.

Here's a blurry smartphone photo of the cupcake liners:
Holly l-o-v-e-s them so I guess everything that went into shopping for and buying them paid off.

So everything is ready for tomorrow's shower.  Gifts, prizes, cupcakes.  Tonight I went back out to shop at Macy's and hopefully find a top to wear tomorrow.  I had one in mind but I wore it for my niece's bridal shower last month.  I found a potential candidate and it's in the washer right now, getting ready for it's debut tomorrow.

My feet are aching from standing so long making the cupcakes so I'm going to be heading for bed ASAP.  Tomorrow will be a fun, long day.  It will be good to get back to work on Monday.  Did I say that outloud?

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Renee said...

Yum Yum!! Almost licking the screen!
The shower will be great fun!xoxoxo