Thursday, June 9, 2011

Excellent Job

Back here I posted about Judy Laquidara and her quest to help funnel relief money to the American Red Cross to help the folks in Joplin, MO, rebuild their lives.  Her goal was to raise a thousand or so dollars and if she got 50 checks for $25 or more, the donors would be entered into a drawing for one of her handmade quilts.

Well, Judy did much better than she ever imagined and today she delivered $11,245 in checks to the local American Red Cross office.  They must have been so surprised to get that stack of checks.  Just think how much good that will do.  Most of us think our little ol' checks don't matter much when the cause is so great but collectively, it can do so much!  

As I said to Judy when I sent my check, people are innately generous -- they just need a cause to rally behind.

Now originally Judy thought she'd do a drawing and give away a quilt if she received more than 50 checks.  Her son cajoled her into giving away 11 quilts -- 1 for each thousand dollars donated.  I sure would love to win one of her quilts but if not, I still feel good in my heart about donating to this cause.  After all, we're ALL only one storm away from disaster, right?

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