Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and More

I visited my Dad at the cemetery for Father's Day.  There were many, many other people there doing the same, no doubt.  If you're lucky enough to have your Dad still with you, I hope you showered him with love today.  I sure do miss my Dad.

I'm not sure what to make of it but I heard from my roommate that Jessica came home yesterday the same way she left - in an ambulance.  Maybe she was going to therapy?  I'll try to check on her later this week.

I finished weaving what I hope will be my first bag.  Here's a shot from when I first got going on it:

I'm not really certain how to finish it just yet.  I washed it and it's drying while I wait for an epiphany to present itself.

I also finished another scarf last week using some handspun yarn I bought at last year's Charlevoix Fiber Festival, spun by Suzanne Higgs from Hooked on Felt.  Here are the pictures of it before and after I washed it: 

Can you tell the difference between the two photos?

Tonight while I was weeding my flower beds and cutting back the roses I suddenly began to smell skunk.  Not sure where that undeniable odor was penetrating from, I stepped out of the flower bed to re-assess the situation.  Odd that I didn't smell it until I start cutting away at the over-grown roses bushes.  I quickly finished what I was doing and put everything away for the night.  It's supposed to rain over the next few days so I won't get back to the beds until Thursday at the earliest.  Maybe you've got a brilliant idea??

I should really put another warp on the loom but I'm just feeling too pooped out to start something that requires so much attention.  I'll just read another weaving book and get some new inspiration instead.

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