Friday, June 3, 2011


I've been waiting since May 6th for the lawn company I hired to clean up my yard to finally show up.  Much of the delay was the rainy weather we've been having and them getting behind.  But I swear if they hadn't shown up today I would have given them the boot and found someone else.

My yard has been neglected for many years.  I tried to dethatch it once.  Once.  That was enough for me to know I'd never try that foolishness ever again.  Ever!

Today the lawn company dethatched, aerated, edged and over-seeded my lawn.  They even 'vacuumed' the lawn when they were done.  Here's the guy working his way through the backyard.

I will be so happy when it rains tomorrow!  That will really help my lawn on its way to greening up again.

Now there is a slight problem.  I only contracted with them to do the front lawn, not the back.  I can't wait to see how this one plays out.


harriet said...

You had them do the front lawn, not the back? Pics look like a back lawn to me. He looks very efficient. Will be interested to see how your lawn turns out.

Lawn care people somehow seem not to be the most reliable people.

Suzanne said...

I originally asked for the front lawn plus the edging. They did the front and back. He's obviously in the backyard -- took the pictures from my craft room window!