Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Costco Run

How many times have you actually walked out of Costco with only the items you went into the store to buy?  Nothing more?  I can probably count on both hands how often I've done that over the last 8 years.  

I went in to pick up items for my new diet eating regimen but came home with way more than just salmon and lettuce.  How about a new shopping cart, anniversary gifts for Holly & Mike, a gizmo for my toilet so it flushes for #1 and #2 separately, plus a whole lot of food to get me into the dress for my niece's wedding next month.  I walked by loads and loads of things that are prohibited from the '17 Day Diet'.  Many things that ordinarily would have jumped into my shopping cart.  Alas, not today.

I'll keep you posted of my progress.  I did not like the looks of the person staring back at me in the Macy's dressing room on Saturday.  Let's hope she shapes up soon!

P.S. Joyce - I got the last copy of that book yesterday!

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