Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My dog Maggie has a lot of personality.  That's a pleasant way of saying she's probably manic.  Sometimes she loves me bunches.  And then there are times like Saturday, where she grabbed a tissue unbenownst to me and paced back and forth at the back door, as if she needed to go outside. I finally caught on when I saw the contraband in her mouth once she was standing on the back porch.  I tried to extract said contraband from her vice-like grip which only yielded a lot of snarling and sniping once I nabbed the tissue from her mouth.

But then I remind myself that there must be some love in her, somewhere, when she lies on the rug beside me while I type, type, type away on the computer.
Pretty darn sweet, right??


Anonymous said...

Maggie is a sweet girl! trc-s ;-D

Suzanne said...

She is a cutie-patootie!