Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wise Decision

Sometimes I make choices I end up regretting but today I'm very glad I made one decision -- not to be a vendor at the Northville Christmas Market.  

Since I'm doing the Winter Markt in Birmingham in two weeks I wanted to check the Northville show out at night and see how the vendors set up their booths, traffic flow, and vendor opinions.  First off I headed to Rebecca's Restaurant where I enjoyed a bowl of cream of mushroom soup, sweet potato fries, and a hot chocolate.  Fabulous as always.
Then I headed toward the show.  Gee whiz.  It was dead there.

I wandered in and out of the tents and talked to a couple of the vendors.  One guy told me he and the guy next to him didn't have one sale on Friday and traffic was only so-so today.  I sure hope the Birmingham show goes better than that.  I only saw a couple of booths that looked to be making sales tonight:

I saw one wood worker who made furniture that Holly & Mike might be interested in so I nabbed his business card.  There seemed to be a lot of empty spaces between vendors so I wonder if there were some no-shows.  I only saw one booth with hand knit hats and those were for babies:

So had I vended I would have had merchandise unlike anyone else's.  But I know I would have been miserable sitting there in the cold if there were no customers.  I truly hope for a better outcome in two weeks.

There was so little to see tonight that I managed to eat, shop, and take pictures all in an hour.

The brightest thing going was the moon:

One other interesting thing I spotted was this sign in the window at Genitti's Theatre:
Too bad I didn't know about this sooner.  Our knitting guild could have cranked out some blankets for them.

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