Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Produce Delivery

Yesterday I received my Door to Door Organics delivery, one day early for the holiday.

As usual there were some things I've never bought before -- Rainbow Chard, Champagne Mango, and Rio Star Grapefruit.  I'm going to use the chard to make this super delicious White Bean Stew again.  

I'll be taking a lot of this up to my sister Denise's for the Thanksgiving weekend.  I'm really looking forward to getting away.  This will be the first long road trip for the Montana.  Today I took the back seats out, by myself thank you, and they weren't too heavy.  No, my roommate was no where to be found to help me out.

My good friend Mary is coming over to take care of Maggie while Kevin and I are gone.  Bless her heart!  I took Maggie over to Pet Supplies Plus last Saturday to get her caught up on her shots.  It was the most trouble-free visit ever to a vet.  She got all of her shots for $45!  Bargain of the day, for sure.  The vet checked her teeth and heart and instead of growling like I expected, Maggie was quivering the whole time!  Guess she is full of surprises -- she better behave for Mary!

I'll be offline for a few days and should be checking back in on Sunday.  I'm taking plenty of knitting with me so I can get some more of those felted hats knit up.  With two shows coming up next week I will be super busy getting all the last minute things together.  Let's pray for moderate weather next week, okay?

I hope everyone in the U.S. has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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