Monday, November 8, 2010

Messed Up

How many different things can be messed up at the same time?  My new Vizio TV won't work, my newly replaced windshield is whistling Dixie while the stripping whacks the roof of the car, and I created an export file that just wouldn't go today at work.  Ugh.

The Vizio people will have to come to the house to fix the TV, the Belle Tire windshield guy will have to come to the office tomorrow to fix my car, and I will spend countless hours tomorrow figuring out just exactly which data field is wrong on the export file.  


On the positive side, I've found two good Spanish wines from Trader Joe's:

I had to buy the Syrah with the chicken on the label and the Tempranillo/Garnacha with the zebra on its label was too crazy looking to pass up.

Absolutely no blood was lost in the creation of this felted and beaded flower, even if I was listening to Kevin talk to the Costco customer service agent about the crazy ass TV while I worked on it.  Ah-hem.

It's hard to hold the hat on one hand and try to photograph it with the other.  I'm shocked you would suggest that I might have tested that wine a bit too thoroughly.  I wouldn't want to serve something less than stellar to my stitch group next week................

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Eddie said...

well, the windshield and tv probably deserve your attention, but the file at work?