Saturday, November 6, 2010

Busy, Busy Day

I knew I put a lot on my plate for today.  I got a lot of things done but still have a bunch of things to do on my 'to do' list.

My windshield wipers are working fine after starting the day at Belle Tire.  From there I went to Costco to get gas for the Montana.  Good thing I was there early -- the price was only $2.83/gallon where it was over $3/gallon every where else.

I picked up a new super-duper telescoping snow brush while I was there, plus sweets for tomorrow, beer, a ham, some insulated cooler bags, and a small flat panel TV (giving Kevin the old one so I don't have to listen to him smack his when it acts up).  Together we got the TV running but needed help from Costco support as well at AT&T and VIZIO eventually.  It looks great but it's about 1/2" too wide for my entertainment center so it's on an angle. No, I didn't even consider buying a new entertainment center -- I know how one purchase can snowball into a bunch more!

I dropped off some more EBay sales at the Post Office, deposited checks in the bank for the quilt guild, stopped at Right off the Sheep to see the gals and look for some yarn (NO COMMENTS!), and finally went to the fire department to pick up the extra key to the Montana.  As luck would have it, I was walking up to the fire hall when a truck left on a run, with the fireman I was supposed to see on it.  I got my key anyway and came home.

I made the ham today along with some vegetables and I'll take a plate to my Mom for her to have one day this week.  Tomorrow I'm heading out to see her and take her out to Holly & Mike's to see their puppies and wish Mike an early Happy Birthday.

I put a lot more yarn for sale today on my Ravelry stash page.  If you're on Ravelry check it out.

It's a good thing we get an extra hour of sleep tonight -- I need it!


Renee said...

After a day like that, wait--after the week you've had, you certainly deserve an extra hour of sleep. Enjoy your time with Mom and the kids tomorrow.I'll bet the puppies are so cute now.

Tanya said...

depending on the size of the TV, you may be able to get a $150 credit. We were just looking at them today, and if you take your receipt back to Costco after the 11th, you can get a refund. Let us know how you like it. The reviews online were mixed and we're unsure if we want a Visio--although my aunt and uncle love theirs.