Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What in the World

Some days you think your life is rolling along fairly well.  It just takes seeing someone else's misfortune to confirm it for you.

Today at work I was glancing out the window, high above the parking lot.  At the perimeter of the lot I caught sight of an Iron Mountain storage delivery truck, making its way across the far reaches of the lot.  I looked back at my computer screen for just a moment and when I looked out the window again, the truck was stopped in it's tracks.  Not sure how it happened but this guy managed to mow down a light pole, complete with the concrete support pillar.  The pillar was wedged under the front grill of the truck.  Luckily the wayward light pole did not come crashing down on anyone's car.

See -- I told you my life is going pretty well.  But (there's often a 'but') we found out today that another co-worker is leaving for a different team so we'll be really short-handed.  We're meeting tomorrow to figure out how to distribute his workload.

Maybe my life isn't going quite as well as I would like.................