Monday, June 21, 2010

Odd Chick Out

Do you ever feel like you're the odd chick (or guy) out?  As if you don't fit in or people are conspiring against you? Really?  Me too!

In my office there's a co-worker who seems to get some odd sort of happiness out of making me look bad by throwing me under the bus.  Instead of sharing knowledge they just derive a perverse pleasure out of busting my chops.  I've been giving this person the silent treatment but I'm sure I can't keep this up for six months.  Isn't it tough to turn the other cheek sometimes?

I finished another hat today, Noro #2.  Again, I feel like the odd knitter out -- everyone raves about Noro Kureyon but I just don't get it.  Sure the colorways are beautiful but that's all negated by the rough hand, the crazy knots, and the over spun qualities.  Don't get me started on how when the yarn breaks they just knot if up with no thought to color continuity.  Of course, you have no idea whatsoever how many knots are in the skein until you get knitting.  Argh!  Today I ran out of yarn -- certainly wasn't the yardage they claim.  I'm knitting up the Noro that I have and that's it!  There -- how's that for dealing with the situation?!


janet said...

I have always been the odd person out, just a fact of life for me. You are not alone on the Noro, it is not for me either!

Eddie said...

I was nice unexpectedly seeing you at lunch today - we should meet at lunch time more often! I ekpt wondering who that perverse co-worker is . . .