Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nuno Felting Workshop

Today I headed to Lansing for a workshop at Rae's Yarn Boutique.  There were five of us, heading to a class just for us!  Sue, Tanya, Adina, Joellen and I rode out together, stopping first at Threadbear Fiber Arts.  Lots of yarn on sale, many empty racks, hmmmm???

After picking up a few skeins of Classic Elite Skye Tweed (I used a skein of this from my stash to bind my rug the other day) for only $3.75/skein :

and a few buttons for hats:
Once we got to Rae's, after a brief detour due to a wrong turn on my part, we were greeted by our teacher Lynn, who helped us get started by choosing a silk scarf, roving, and yarn.  I hadn't tried this technique before so I was listening most intently, taking it all in.  Here are a few shots of my progress.

I started by laying out the bubble wrap, bubble side down, then laid out the wisps of wool roving in one direction, lengthwise.

Next I carefully placed the silk scarf on top of the tufts of roving and added squiggles of wool yarn and then more roving to cover.

Next we sprinkled soapy water on top, patted it down a bit and then placed another layer of bubble wrap on top, rolling it up tightly.  I massaged the roll for a few minutes, changed directions, skootched in the edges and finished by throwing the scarf on the table for about 10 minutes.  When I was done I had this:

We were all busy working on our scarves.  Here's Sue and Joellen~

And Tanya and Adina, with Lynn instructing ~

Lynn snapped a picture of the five of us modeling our fabulous Nuno scarves :

We were all happy with our results but couldn't leave fast enough -- we were all starving!  Our final stop was dinner at El Azteco -- so delicious!!  See for yourself:

My dinner:

and my Margarita:
Ok, so it is  empty -- what's your point??!  Can't wait to go back for more.

It's getting late so I better save some pictures for tomorrow.  It was such a nice way to spend a Sunday.  I am really glad I took the workshop.  What a novel concept -- we actually went home with a finished item!


Heather said...

Suzanne--I love your scarf!! Look out, though, this (nearly) instant gratification can become habit-forming!! (If you're not careful, before long you won't be knitting any more...only felting!!) Har.

SusanQuilter said...

It was quite fun, and my first wet-felting (nunno?) attempt. I know you've had wet-felting work where you were sore the next day, and I'm really glad this experience wasn't like that! Also great to go home with something that was DONE! Very fun, and great dinner at El Azteco!! YUMMMMMM!

janet said...

Cute scarves, that looks like a fun technique. Dinner looks yummy too!