Monday, June 28, 2010


Realized I forgot to post this picture of Rae's Yarn Boutique that I took at yesterday's Nuno felting workshop.  It was full of lovely things, including a must have sheep umbrella but one BIG problem -- they were technically CLOSED.  Do you know how hard it is to be in a shop with so many things that you CANNOT buy???  Much worse that those times when you were a kid in a penny candy store and did not have a cent to your name!

Here is the last hat I finished using the Wine Splash shade of Lamb's Pride Bulky.  I washed it with Synthrapol -- wise decision since the sink was full of pinkish red water when I plunged the hat down into the water.
Double D decrease once more:

Here's Noro Hat #2 -- much softer after washing it with a little Head n Shoulders!

And here's a close up of my Nuno felted scarf from yesterday's workshop.  It's a bit denser than I expected but I guess that I'll know better next time and use a bit less fiber on both sides.  It will be a nice winter scarf so that works for me.

One last thing for the day -- as I drove home from knit group tonight a mini-van I had seen on the highway pulled up alongside me as I stopped for a red light.  The gal in the passenger seat motioned to me to roll down my window.  Thinking she needed directions I obliged.  She and the driver both leaned over toward me and asked about my license plate.  They said it was driving them nuts -- they couldn't get the FBR part.  Oh, I said -- it's FIBER as in LVMYFBR.  Ahhhh, they said, thinking it had something to do with a favorite brother (FBR).  Gave me a laugh for the day.  After another tough day at work, I could definitely use it.


janet said...

Just look at all that yarny goodness, and you couldn't buy? Torture I say!

Love both hats, especially the colors in the noro. I've never washed anything in Head'n Shoulders, interesting! It does a good job of softening?

Funny about the license plate, I wonder if they knew it was for fabric fiber and not food fiber? ;-)

SusanQuilter said...

They probably thought you were a little old lady with gastric issues!

Tanya said...

Paula has the umbrellas, if you can't live without one!