Thursday, June 10, 2010

GLHQ Meeting

It was another wacky day on the bus to and from work.  This morning I had a church youth minister for a bus driver.  He had very interesting stories which he shared with the four of us but it was a bit too deep for 6:30 am.  The ride home felt like we were on a magnet and we kept getting cut off all the way home -- wonder how frequently they have those brakes inspected on busses???  The final act was a landscaping panel truck that cut across Main Street -- so close we should have hit him.  I think I saw that same truck on my way to the quilt guild meeting tonight!

The meeting was a flurry of activity with chatter, food, and quilts abound.  Without further ado, here is the raffle quilt ticket being drawn by our oldest senior member, Merry, using the raffle drum I borrowed from my neighbor, the Royal Canadian Legion Hall, ~~

and the winner is Karen, who sold 100 tickets for the cause ~~

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, tonight we had the reveal for our Blue & White Challenge quilts.
First up, quilt #1 (on the left) by our out-going president Lynne won an honorable mention~~

My friend Kathy's quilt, #16 (near the bottom),  also won an honorable mention ~~

Cathy's quilt, #3, won third prize ~~
She used a lot of the fabrics I  would have used, if I'd just gotten off my duff and done it.

Next up is the second prize winner, Nancy, whose quilt #15 was very traditional yet whimsical ~~

And the winner of this year's challenge was Jaime -- who wasn't even there to hear the wonderful praise ~~
Jaime won $125 for her efforts!

Here are some of the other entries that I enjoyed seeing ~~

And my friend Sue's Rice Bowls (or is it Tea Cups??) quilt from Kaffe Fassett ~~

It really was a fun night and I have more pictures to share, especially one about a pool boy, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  Time for me to get some shut eye!


SusanQuilter said...

Teacups!! Rice bowl has not handle on it....

Suzanne said...

I figured that but I only remembered his rice bowls quilt.