Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Intentions

I intended to give a full report of last night's Chicken gathering but there's a wicked thunderstorm coming (I can hear the thunder so I know the weatherman got it right this time!).

Instead I'll just say that the reason I've gotten as late a start as I did in writing this tonight is that I was busy attempting to make the label to go on the back of my newly finished rug.
  • First I tried hand writing on duck cloth -- couldn't write small enough.
  • Second, I tried printing on the duck cloth by running it through the printer -- started out OK but got stuck.  Good thing I had helped my Mom with her paper jam a few months ago -- that way I knew how to extract the fabric.
  • Third I dug out my photo transfer paper and tried that -- too light to show up on the fabric.
So I went back to plan A and carefully wrote out, albeit abbreviated, my sentiments.  Next up is sewing it onto the back of the rug and then the big presentation -- voila!

That's it for tonight -- heading off so I don't end up frying my computer a la lightening.


SusanQuilter said...

You should have called---I have the photo transfer paper that prints on your computer. I have used it many times & really like it. Pick your font & size, type what you want using any writing program, then print, voila!!

Suzanne said...

I decided to go with the Pigma pen option -- wasn't sure the label would stay crisp and not fade if I used the ink jet printer. Maybe if I used a laser jet it would be ok, but it was definitely too light on the photo transfer paper (Ammi Sims stuff from the 9-11 quilt days).