Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

If ever there was a thankless, endless job (motherhood notwithstanding) it would be pulling weeds.  I no sooner get the bulk of the weeds pulled when more pop their way up through the ground.  When I got home from work tonight I decided the weeds had to go.  I could stand them no longer.  Some people might like Snow on the Mountain but I detest it.

I know what you're thinking -- just till up the bed and start all over again.  I did that years ago, right after I moved in and there was nothing but Snow on the Mountain in my front flower beds.  I tilled them up, added more topsoil, planted various things like Gertrude Jekyll roses.  Kevin and I worked until it was too dark to see, laying the treated timber to edge the beds. 

Some plants have worked well and some have not.  Now that my Japanese Crimson Maple is so big it prevents the sun from hitting the beds on the left side of the porch.  I've got Hens 'n Chicks, Primrose, Speedwell, and roses that do okay there.  But it seems like there's too much shade for much of anything to really flourish.  I think I need to switch to shade plants -- begonias, maybe?

I hate ditching plants that are still living.  Maybe I'll just shift them to the beds in the backyard, once I'm done weeding back there .....

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