Sunday, April 11, 2010

Being a Grownup

Sometimes being a grown up is a good thing.  Spending the money you earn the way you want to.  Eating the food you like to eat.  Drinking adult beverages like Limoncello -- yummo.

But sometimes being a grown up is not so much fun.  Like when you have to pay respects at a funeral home, like I did today.  Or preparing a Treasurer's report, like I did today.  Or getting your taxes filed, which I did not get done today.

Sometimes I focus on the things I did not accomplish in a day instead of adding up all the things I did get done during the day. 
  1. I vacuumed the floors 
  2. Got the laundry done, including the kitchen table linens (ewwww from weeks of Kevin studying there -- is it me or have you noticed that men cannot see dirt??)
  3. Cleaned the bathroom 
  4. Tidied my bedroom
  5. Nearly finished knitting another hat 
  6. Inspected the five coats I bought Friday night at the Salvation Army.  Can you say 'bargain'??? -- five wool coats for $22.53!!! 
    Doing my taxes is a major task -- only 4 more days until the filing deadline -- it's looking more and more like Wednesday is the day to work on them.  Having my own business complicates my taxes and takes what should be an hour-long task and turns it into sweating, cussing, more sweating, more cussing, exasperation, followed by satisfaction when they are finally done.  Kind of like birthing a child every year at the same time of the year.  Isn't that a terrible thought?!

    I've got a busy week ahead -- Monday Quilt Guild Board Meeting, Tuesday Knitting Guild Meeting (including the much anticipated Sneaky Sheep Swap exchange -- photos available on Tuesday, and not a second before then!), shopping at Costco for Torch Lake getaway items, Friday -- leave for Torch Lake -- woohoo!

    I'm so ready to get away.  I would be happy going any where but Torch Lake is especially fun because it's with my quilting friends.  Even if I get chastised for knitting more than quilting - I love them any way.

    So tonight I'm being a grown up and tossing back a glass of Limoncello in honor of John Bush -- brain cancer took someone way too young and vibrant to leave this earth.  May his soul rest in peace and may his family's sorrow be eased as they recall all the good times their family has had.

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    kpultzdesign said...

    ah...thankful that you came and shared our sorrow. I know I will find the good memories too. John would enjoy the Limoncello too...