Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This and That

This morning I didn't feel like taking the bus to work.  Truth is I needed to take a couple of Motrins and lie back down for an hour.  Kind of crampy if you know what I mean. 

I decided to take Wool Coats #2 and #3 in to work to get some feedback.  It's always good when you're starting off in a new direction to make sure you've got an idea that others will find appealing as well.  And they loved them.  But again, they are my friends so I know they'll be kind.  My friend Martha suggested checking out the garment bags at IKEA.  Trash bags over my 'Signature Coats' (thanks to my sister Denise for that title) aren't exactly up to snuff.  They deserve something much more appropriate.

When I got to the office building today a man entered the elevator car before me and then he did the unthinkable.  The unforgiveable.  He did NOT hold the door for me and it closed right before my eyes.  Just before the doors slammed shut I uttered 'thanks'.  I hope he had a swell day.  Geezer.  Apparently he was raised by wolves because if he had a mother, surely she would have brought him up better than that.

After work I met my Mother for dinner in Rochester.  Unlike me, I don't think she's the sort of person to go to dinner by herself.  Her dinner, had I not rescued her, would have been a frozen Boston Market something or other that was no doubt salt-laden, something she does NOT need.  We met at the Knapp's Dairy Bar and had a delicious hamburger and seasoned fries.  Mom also treated herself to a vanilla milkshake.  Oddly enough, my co-worker Kirstie walked by us.  I called to her and we talked for just a second.  She was there to help celebrate her nephew's birthday.  It was Kirstie's daughter who actually inadvertantly got me back into knitting, 7 years ago.

Mom told me all about her doctor visits and how they think she might have PAD.  More tests tomorrow should help the doctor decide.  Kirstie was able to provide Mom with a restaurant to go to near the doctor's office.  She has to get there early after fasting (not a good thing for her - she loves her breakfast) and have some tests done, go away for an hour and then come back for more tests.  She can have breakfast at the restaurant Kirstie recommended to fill the time between tests.  As long as they have eggs, bacon, and tea Mom will love it.

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