Friday, April 9, 2010

Guild Photos 1.0

Ok, back to last night.  Guild was a lot of fun, as usual.  The speaker, Kat Campau,
was from Ann Arbor and very amusing.  Her quilts of late have been done in series form and she has one-woman exhibits in different galleries and coffee houses.  She brought a lot of quilts and I took many pictures but I'll try to limit them to a dozen.  Or so.

These were part of a series of quilts she made for her mother when she moved to Texas ~~
Kat uses a lot of different techniques and materials in her art quilts.  You might have noticed the beaded bracelet she's wearing in the first photo -- created while she waited for planes in airports.

I don't remember which 'series' this one was part of but I liked it ~~

You know how sometimes things don't go according to plan?  Do you trash the misbehaving quilt or do you make lemonade out of lemons?  Kat had a quilt that didn't turn out the way she hoped so she cut it into pieces and made 6 purses ~~

These are all part of a floral series ~~
In the picture above I thought the quilt on the right was especially interesting since it is off-center.  I don't see that too often.

She also shared her series of sunflower quilts which were made to lift her spirits, coming out of a particularly long, drab winter.

I loved her use of color in these floral wallhangings ~~
Here's a close up of one of my favorite quilts ~~

And lastly, one that told the story of her being pushed as an infant in her buggy by her sister.  It began to rain so hard she nearly floated away ~~

There, that's an even dozen pictures -- enough for tonight.  Tomorrow I'll post the Show n Tell pictures.  Plenty more to come.

Saturday is the last day of the Oakland County Quilt Guild's quilt show out in Lake Orion.  I'm heading out there with several Chicken friends and I expect to take some more pictures.  I'm really using my new camera, aren't I??


Heather said...

Love your friend's idea to make her 'unhappy' blocks into purses!
(I especially like the story quilt of her 'learning to swim at a young age'...charming!
(I hope you post photos of your secret project soon...the suspense is killing me!!) Grin.

harriet said...

Those quilts are beautiful! I really love them. Would that I have time, I might actually learn to quilt. Do I hear hysterical laughing in the background???