Sunday, April 25, 2010


Do you ever have days when just the right combination of things makes you feel lousy?  I started out the day feeling crappy from imbibing in too much wine last night.  Nauseous, headache-y, just plain bleh.  It is such a stupid thing to do but at least I did it at home.  Didn't feel like eating much of anything today, except for some pretzels.  

I wanted to embellish another wool coat today, choosing the red one with the black velveteen collar.  My friends at Right off the Sheep suggested that I make it a Japanese themed coat.  Nice, I thought, but I really don't know a lot about Japanese culture.  I took one of their suggestions, a Ginkgo leaf, and looked up examples on the web.  I found one that I thought would work and got busy needle felting the leaves.  They look great on the coat but it needs more.

I thought I might do Japanese symbols for things like Love, Happiness, etc.  Big problem -- pretty darn complicated and I would need to be sure they're executed exactly or risk offending someone unintentionally.  So I'm putting that concept aside.  Maybe something black -- what about a little scroll work?  Squiggly lines?  A temple?

If you've got an idea throw it my way.  But for now, I'm finishing a load of wash, looking for a Motrin, and heading to bed.


Tanya said...

Does this help?

Tanya said...

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Suzanne said...

Very interesting!

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