Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wool Coat #2

Sometimes I find that I spend most of my Saturdays just doing chores.  You know -- washing, cleaning, vacuuming, etc.  Today, I got all of that done plus I was creative -- I finished Wool Coat #2 !!  I can spend the entire day planning, sketching, erasing, and never getting to the felting.  I sketched out some whimsical birds and a sunflower (thanks Joyce!).  Everything evolved over the course of the day but I'm totally happy with the end result.

I started by needle felting some yarn for the legs ~~

In the end this is what I created ~~
Two wild and crazy birds!

And here is the completed back of the coat~~

The front of the coat was embellished on the right lapel ~~

I took the coat with me to Right off the Sheep to get some feedback from the ladies.  They agreed that the flowers needed the extra orange trim and the birds needed 'wings', so I made those adjustments when I got home.


Marie-Jolie said...

I'm really loving these fiber embellishments that you've been doing!

Eddie said...

Love the long-legged bluebirds - so whimsical!

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much Marie and Eddie. There's plenty more to come! Look for the red coat pictures on Monday....