Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quilt Guild Meeting Tonight

I just got in from the guild meeting and it's too late for me sort through the ton of pictures I took and get them posted tonight.  Let me just tell you that there were many, many wonderful quilts shown tonight, both from our speaker Kat Campau and our guild members. 

So hang tight until tomorrow and I know you'll enjoy the array of quilts from tonight's meeting.

One of the best things about tonight's meeting for me is that I took a giant bag of various fabrics to the 'giveaway' table and most of it was snatched up.  Leftovers went with a teaching friend who can always use them in her classroom.  I also handed over two charity quilts to the charity committee -- whew!!!  Out of my house, finally.  I feel so much better.  At least I've started my Spring cleaning......

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