Monday, May 11, 2009


was a busy, happy day. It started with Royal Oak in Bloom, our city's annual flower day. If you didn't find something to buy, that was your fault! There were loads of flowers, vegetables, and yard art available.

The entire city parking lot, 2 blocks long, was full of great finds. I think my favorite was the Gourdology gal. She did fantastic things with dried gourds. From flowers to leaves to pitchers to pin cushions -- I could have bought them all!!

How did this rooster get stuck in the middle of Buddhas and gazing balls and saints?

I can think of a few Chickens who 'need' this rooster in their garden:

There was a great turn out for the event this year. Some times it has been really cold or rainy so the turn out hasn't been too great.

Most of the local TV stations were there to cover the event. One gal was selling 'green' shopping bags that she had either knit or sewn.

Since Kevin was buying I didn't bring any money along; otherwise I might have picked up this cute chick:

But instead, I came home with three of these:

courtesy of Kevin and Holly for Mother's Day. They will go in the bed in the backyard near the patio.

Kevin and I headed for home and while I did a bit of weeding, he mowed. We cleaned up and left for our 12 PM brunch reservation at D'Amato's, one of my favorite restaurants in Royal Oak. I neglected to take a picture of the brunch tables -- oh so bad, since we were the first ones to imbibe. After that, the buffet tables were decimated, not a pretty picture. Everything was delicious -- I could have sat there all day drinking my bottomless Peach Bellinis and chowing scrumptious food.

Instead I headed home and finished knitting the handles and pocket for a felted purse, sitting on the back patio, beneath the wonderfully fragrant lilac bushes. I made my way out to Rochester to the Rochester Chop House to have dinner with my parents, Holly, and sister Denise. Another fabulous meal, as this place never disappoints.

Here is the Holly Tote before felting. It was 23" long and 16"
wide. After felting at my Mom's it was 16" long and 12" wide -- amazing!

I didn't get home from Mom & Dad's until 9:30 last night so I was too pooped to write all about the day.

The button expose is still to come -- just you wait.

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