Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nagging tasks

Today I had my monthly meeting with my supervisor at work. Our mid year reviews are due to her in two weeks. Every half year I struggle with this assignment. I moan and groan about it for days and almost always put it off until the last couple of days. Many times I wind up staying late to complete it on time.

Such a foolish way to handle this inevitable task. I'm always putting undue pressure on myself instead of getting a jump on it and completing a bit of it each day. It's a lot like doing my taxes -- again, I'm always relieved when they're done, too.

This is the time to toot your own horn and justify your position. More so than ever, it's the time to show your leaders why you deserve to keep your job. No pressure there.....

On the crafty side, I did start a new felted bag in a rich chocolate brown wool. I very seldom use brown shades but I have no explanation for that, other than to say that I wear very little brown so that's why I'm not drawn to the color family. But it's not about me, now is it??!! It's about making what my customers want!! I have several brown items planned including brown/pale blue and brown/pink combinations, which have been very popular lately. What are your favorite new color combinations??

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