Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Button, button -- I'VE got the buttons!!

I've had a fascination with buttons since I was a child. I used to love to dump the buttons from the old tins at my grandparents and sift through the montage -- looking for unique and fancy buttons. I remember finding a teeny tiny thimble that I still have today.

I've collected all sorts of buttons. I've even made some out of fimo clay. My favorites by far are my ceramic buttons. I keep my 'special' buttons in nifty plastic storage cases. Notice that is plural. :*)

I took a few of my favorites out to give you a close up ~~

These are all done by Marcia Hovland and I will use them, eventually, for felted bags. Whenever I need a button I go to her studio and show her the color I need and just like magic, I get what I need. Many of my customers have complimented me on my buttons and I have Marcia to thank for that.

I've also found another great source for ceramic buttons in Briar Rose Fibers. Here are some buttons from them ~~~

(A denim-y blue, though you wouldn't know it from my picture :(

And here is one of the great Petoskey stone buttons that I bought at the Charlevoix Apple Festival a couple of years ago when I was a vendor there. Still looking for the perfect bag for those.

These marvelous buttons below traveled all the way from Zimbabwe and the company name is Penzo. They are hand-painted by various individuals who sign their names to them. Besides being beautiful, they are so special because they are one of a kind. I could instantly visualize them on my bags. Check out their website -- they offer so many beautiful items.

And last weekend I added a few more buttons from Marcia to my collection:

Sometimes I have a specific bag in mind when I buy buttons and other times, I just plain like 'em. There's no real reason to buy some buttons, other than I love them and they need to go home with me!

Now here is my new wooden display to use for my shows. I need to find out the name of the person who made it and that will become the display's name.

Isn't it marvelous!!!

And I'm trading yarn for it. What do you think Tanya -- would your Aunt Gloria like any of these???

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Tanya said...

Sorry, we won't be much help with naming the rack, but I think she'll like those colors quite a bit. . .I'll have her take a look and get back to you.