Sunday, May 24, 2009


Some days there are so many things floating around in my head that I feel like a balloon about to pop. I've got to write out a list so I can at least try to organize all of the crazy tasks I have ahead of me for the next 4+ weeks until Holly's wedding.
  • Sew the 60+ Parrot blocks for Kathy for quilt group on Tuesday (yes, the day after tomorrow)
  • Finish the wedding rug (I know a few rug hookers out there who could hold my feet to the fire on this one)
  • Find the perfect wrap for my dress if I don't find the right yarn to knit one up first
  • Sew 72 napkin rings for Denise's ladies golf team soiree
  • Felt the Denmark bag so I can send it off and make some money
  • Find a nice gift for Holly's bachelorette party
  • Crank out more products for the fall show season
  • Finish my Hoodie Tunic
  • Write out a honey-do list of all the home repair projects
  • Find a honey to tackle the honey-do list (I can dream, can't I?)
I think I'll be using some vacation days between now and the wedding or I'll never find enough hours in the day to get these things accomplished.

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