Friday, May 8, 2009

It's the weekend!

Another busy week at work is done and over with. Thank goodness! My coworker Francis always asks what plans I have for the weekend. Hmmm....
  • Tackle replacing the dip tube in the water heater (she says wistfully)
  • Hit the gym Saturday if the weather clears up
  • Clean up the back flower beds (ok, only half mean it since it's raining like mad right now)
  • Finish hooking Holly & Mike's rug (with time dwindling maybe that should be a priority?)
  • Sew the parrot blocks from the Chicken's Stack 'n Whack outing
  • Finish knitting another bag so I can felt two at Mom's when I see her Sunday
  • Find a nice outfit to wear to Holly's shower on the 17th (I hate shopping for clothes)
  • Get my hair colored and cut (no negotiating this one)
Well, that should do it. Tomorrow I'll post the pictures of some of my cool buttons that I spoke of several blog postings ago.

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