Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Chameleons

Today I headed back over to Macy's to exchange the size 6 Chameleons I bought last week for size 6 1/2. Now, I know better. Why I came home with 6s I'll never know. I love these shoes by Merrell -- they're my third pair. They are super comfortable and so quick to put on, especially when I'm running late for the bus in the morning.

On my way home from Trader Joe's I spotted two youngsters sitting on the side of the road waiving to passing cars. I remember being that way. I used to ride my bike on the dirt shoulder of Gratiot Avenue to the candy store. I'd pause along the way, trying to get truck drivers to honk their horns. You remember how -- holding your right arm at a 90ยบ angle, as if you were pulling the cord to the truck horn. I got such a tickle out of hearing the loud horn honks. I'm not sure what would happen if I tried that at my age. 40 years have passed since I last tried that trick.

I've had a wicked headache most of the day so I've taken my Benadryl and I'm heading off to bed. Lots of things to do tomorrow ~~ knit, sew, garden, fix door closer.....................................

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