Monday, May 4, 2009

Playing hooky again

I passed on going to the gym tonight. Not much energy left at the end of the day and I used up valuable time ordering Holly's bridal shower gifts. Unfortunately Macy's is not fully stocked and a couple of things will undoubtedly arrive late. Interestingly, the items said shipping within 3 business days on the wedding registry page, but 33 days on the actual website. Hmmmmm. The odd thing is when I checked her registry at lunch all of the items I wanted were available but some shopper had sneaked in while I was working (can you imagine??) and actually purchased a few things before I got home from work. Oh well. Glad to have that task completed.

For relaxation I really enjoy watching 'The Big Bang Theory' on TV. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud and this show always does it. Kevin is often annoyed at me for not laughing at every silly show on TV just because a stupid laugh track tells me to. I marvel at the wit and delivery of the lines in this show though. If you haven't tuned in yet (and I was a late arrival) do yourself a favor on Monday nights and tune in 'The Big Bang Theory'. You'll thank me. I know you will.

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