Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy Saturday

Today is Holly's 26th birthday but she went up north so I didn't get to see her. :`(

I managed to fill up my day though. I started out at Barnes & Noble where I picked up another book for her for her present and found a knitting magazine with several cute items, including a baby blanket that begs to be knitted.

I headed over to Right off the Sheep to visit with the ladies, toting my Asian quilt with me so I could pick out the basting stitches. Everyone loved the quilt and marveled at the time it must have taken to make it. Someday I'll actually keep track of the all the hours that go into quilt construction so I'll have a 'real' answer for them. I found the yarn for the baby blanket, now I just need to find the hours for that!

Super hungry, I decided to eat at one of my favorite restaurants in Ferndale, Maria's Front Room. I've loved their food for ages and when they suddenly closed last year I was stunned. They changed owners, redecorated the place (thank goodness!!) and revamped the menu, retaining many of the signature dishes. I ordered the Chicken Marsala, my go-to dish, and it did not disappoint. It is the best I've had anywhere and I was craving it that fateful day last year when I discovered they had closed.

Back home, I began to sew the binding to the back of Carla's quilt. Here are a few pictures, including some of the machine quilting that my friend Jackie did.

My blind hem stitching ~~

The backside of the quilt ~~

And a couple of the characters ~~

I worked on the binding for 2 1/2 hours tonight, getting about 80" finished, while watching the Red Wings beat the Penguins 3-1 in the first game of the Stanley Cup championship.

At this rate it will take me about 6 1/2 more hours to get the binding done. Good thing there are at least 3 more games to be played!

Hey, hey, Hockeytown!

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